Whistler Alpine Hiking: Smell the Wild flowers

Anytime you travel to Whistler Blackcomb ski resort you happen to see the alpine wildflowers, especially when they start to bloom. Really, this is the most thrilling part of the journey across the road to whistler where the adrenaline junkies get hyped up but the flower smell.

This year seems the best time to enjoy the wilderness due to the warmth and sunny summers hence the flowers will be blooming in a few weeks earlier than usual. If you happen to spend all winter at Whistler après-ski where the mountain top was covered with snow now you can hike the snow free tops, hence the ideal time to run the hills and stop for some wildflower smelling session each day.

Have a look at the mountain color scheme

The coast mountain color is typically the best lush green forest as well as azure blue lakes for an amazing alpine meadow light where you will have a great look at the deep purple firewood as well as the crimson flower of the Indian paintbrush.  Really the Whistler après-ski offers the best mountain wildflowers that are so special in that you will never find them anywhere in the local florist shop.

These flowers are very ephemeral hence don’t travel well, hence if you want to have an experience with them you will have to bask for a hike up the mountain in the middle summers.

Ride the gondola

The Whistler Blackcomb ski resort offers home to a variety of alpine hiking trails that re categorized for various skill level. The best of those trails is the high note trail that is 9.4 km loop just from Whisker Mountain all along the symphony bowl riding through the harmony ridge as well as the back to the whistler roundhouse. It’s along the trail where you happen to view some of

  • Black Tusk
  • Cheakamus Lake
  • Overlord Glacier

All this is colorful alpine wildflower that offers a very relaxing smell that will keep you walking through a living as well as a breathing piece of artwork.

High Note hiking trail wildflowers

This trail is well marked, but always study the map before any hike if you can’t hire a hiking guide. It runs from the top of the peak express chairlift heading south east to Piccolo Ridge along the looping through the singing bass and joining the harmony lake trails back the roundhouse at the Whistler Blackcomb ski resort. The hike should just take 3 to 4 hours at most. The amazing thing here is that you will be able to stop and smell and take some photos of the wildflowers along the trail. The hike will need you to bring some

  • Sun glasses
  • Water and snacks
  • Warm layers

Despite most of the day being very sunny the weather at Whistler après-ski can change any time, hence being a smarter hiker always is prepared with some extra clothing to keep you warm. The alpine is wildflowers enthusiasts should get ready for a hike guide if they have no prior experience of the hikes to help them identify the flowers they find along.

If you are one of those keen lookers then have an experience with an extra distance zip out to the Garibaldi Park along the musical Bumps trails all the way to Oboe as well as Flutes summits. Then you can backtrack to the high north loop at the Whistler Blackcomb ski resort.

To make the wildflower hike experience more superb you can take your family with you. Their cheap Whistler condo rentals just like Jackson Hole luxury hotels offer a great deal to family and here they will have some connection with the earth as you teach the kids the value of enjoying the nature.


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Après-Ski: Best Jackson Hole Bars

While some lists include restaurants for those looking to get out of their Jackson Hole accommodation in search of some après-ski activities, this one solely focuses on the bars of the area. These places differ from straight up après-ski bars with great reputations to microbreweries that offer diversification in their award winning beers. However, a stop at any of the places mentioned will more than likely lead to the creation of a few (or more) memories.

Mangy Moose Saloon

This has to be the first place for every list of bars in Jackson Hole. Commonly popping up on lists of the best après-ski bars in North America and even the world, this is the place to head to if you are looking for a rowdy night of beer and bar food. Couple all of this with music and the Mangy Moose is a great place to spend a night. Whilst the music (in particular its volume) may not be to everyone’s tastes, the place should be visited simply for the experience.

Stagecoach Bar

Located further away than some other places, the Stagecoach bar is the place to head for a local experience. Whilst the Mangy Moose offers you young people and drinking games, the Stagecoach offers pool, darts and country music. This is the place to head on the weekends if you fancy taking part in some country dancing. Having been operating for more than 50 years, this place must be doing something right.

Snake River Brewery Company

If you are looking for locally brewed beers, this is your place. Locally referred to as ‘the brew pub’, this place serves up award winning beers alongside food, which is served later than anywhere else around. Here, you can enjoy your mug of beer alongside some classic bar fare and enjoy the microbrewery and their great beers. Merchandise is on offer for those looking to support the brewery.read more helpful information at http://www.forbes.com/sites/larryolmsted/2015/02/26/americas-best-ski-resorts-jackson-hole-wy/

Silver Dollar

The Silver Dollar is a spectacle in itself, as the bar is inlaid with 2,032 silver dollars. This sight itself is a reason to visit. The place offers classic bar drinks alongside classic bar food, with the Buffalo Burger coming highly recommended.

Thai Me Up

A place that could be referred to as a nano-brewery, Thai Me Up offers their own award winning brews alongside Thai food. If you are looking beyond simply bar fare to accompany your drink, then this place will not disappoint with its extensive Thai menu.

Whistler accommodations At Mont Tremblant

The bars on offer truly are diverse and suit the needs of any visitor looking beyond the classic restaurant. If it is beers, cocktails and simple food then a bar really is where you want to be heading. However, the bars here offer up such good food which makes the destination so popular for its après-ski. If you are looking to leave you Jackson Hole accommodation and get out experiencing some of the bars on offer, any of the above will not disappoint.

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Jackson Hole’s Best Après-Ski Spots

If you on your way down the mountain towards your Jackson Hole accommodation or have been back and on your way out for the night, there are so many spots around the area for an unforgettable après-ski experience. From bars to restaurants and late-night cafés, you will have a great deal of choice, so choosing the right place for the type of night you want is necessary.

The Spur

The Spur Restaurant and Bar provides some of the best après-ski in the area. There is one thing that people will recommend at The Spur: the nachos. The piled plates of tortilla chips, salsa, cheese and whatever else they put on top are a favourite for many people. This is also the place to watch your favourite sports after a day of whatever activities you have been pursuing, as every seat boasts a view of a television, meaning that wherever you sit you can see your favourite team in their next big game.

Mangy Moose Saloon

The most well-known place for a drink after a day of skiing, this is famous for all the right reasons (and perhaps some not so right ones). Commonly placed upon lists of the best après-ski in both North America and the World, the Mangy Moose offers beers and music, something that most people are looking for. If you are searching for very simple food served in large portions, then this is also the best to head to. Whilst the music is loud and may not be to everyone’s tastes, a trip here should be a necessary just for the experience of being within one of the most praised après-ski destinations in the world. After your apres ski, you should stay at these Jackson Hole accommodations.

Handle Bar at the Four Seasons

This is one for that person who can’t wait to get off the slopes, as here offers a prime location to watch skiers fly by. The location boasts fire-pits that will keep you warm, alongside food and drink to keep your hunger and thirst satisfied. If you are looking for something a bit different, the Lobby Lounge upstairs offers just that.

Snake River Brewery Company

This microbrewery offers a variety of beers for those looking beyond the rowdiness of the Mangy Moose. The place is locally referred to as ‘brew pub’ and serves food later than most other places in town, so will also satisfy those looking to eat later to keep their night going longer. The beer here is the staple however, and comes recommended as it has won many awards. With branded merchandise on offer, you can boast about your new found appreciation for this microbrewery.

Mont Tremblant

There really is great diversity in whatever night you want to pursue following your day of activities. The thing to remember is that you do not have to have been skiing to enjoy an evening of après-ski! There truly are so many places that will make you leave your Jackson Hole accommodation and have a great night experiencing some of the best après-ski in Northern America.read latest news at http://www.gonzagabulletin.com/arts_and_entertainment/article_ec43ea02-c302-11e4-929a-bb00bc1bbfaf.html

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Après-Ski at Jackson Hole: Where to Go?

The after-ski experience is a main reason so many people choose Jackson Hole as their ski destination. What is great, however, about après-ski around the world is that you don’t have to ski to take part. Anyone can join in with the drinking and eating that follows a hard day on the slopes, even if they haven’t experienced such a hard day themselves. The entertainment really brings everyone together after a day of skiing, which can sometimes be excluding.

The Spur

Located in the Teton Mountain Village, The Spur is a frequent stop for many on the way to or from their Jackson Hole accommodation. This is the place to watch your favourite sports team, or any sports team, as they boast a television view from every seat. Sit wherever and enjoy the big match whilst enjoying a plate of The Spur’s famed nachos. These are commonly referred to as the best in the village, so makes a stop worthwhile.

Cowboy Café

Located under the Tram cables, the Cowboy Café provides respite for many after their day of activities (not necessarily skiing). This is the place to be around 4pm in March, where music takes over and the place fills up to watch whatever band or singer is gracing the stage.visit the original post at http://www.tremblantsunstar.com/accommodations/vacation-homes

Handle Bar at the Four Seasons

This is a great place for a first stop after your day of skiing (or not skiing, whatever you decide). The fire-pits outside keep you warm whilst the bar and restaurant will keep you fed and watered. Here, the best past time is to simply watch the skiers fly by sat by your fire-pit.

Mangy Moose

If you are looking for classic après-ski in Jackson Hole, it can be found in The Mangy Moose. This is the iconic bar of the area and regularly features in lists of the best places for après-ski in both America and the world. Even if this rowdy atmosphere is not for you, a visit should be mandatory simply for the experience, followed by a few beers and a listen to whatever music is on.


There are many microbreweries dotted around the area, with one the favourites being the Snake River Brewing Company. Commonly referred to as simply ‘the brewpub’ here you can sample mugs of the brewery’s own beers alongside a great range of food. Another option if straight forward bar food isn’t what you are looking for is Thai Me Up. This is a nano-brewery that serves Thai food; catering to those who look for a change to nachos and burgers.

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These are just simply some of the many places that you could spend your evenings in after that hard day of skiing, or not skiing. Leaving your Jackson Hole accommodation and experienced the restaurants and bars is part of what makes the destination so popular, and the few quiet drinks before heading back can easily lead to a night of country dancing before you even know it.

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After Dark | Nightlife in Jackson Hole

After spending all day skiing, most visitors leave their Jackson Hole accommodation in search of activities that carry on through the night. The Nightlife here is varied, providing every nocturnal character with something that will appeal to them. Whether you choose to tread the boards of an après-ski bar or go in search of a microbrewery, there truly is such variety for those looking to explore after dark.

Microbreweries and Brewpubs

• Snake River Brewing Company.

Commonly referred to as simply ‘brew pub’, this microbrewery offers award winning beers alongside food that is served until late. With branded brewery t-shirts, you can round your night off by walking home advertising the excellent beer you have just spend the evening sampling.

• Thai Me Up.

Having won 2 Beer World Cup medals in 2014, this place is becoming more well-known. Boasting some incredible American-inspired Thai food alongside a great number of craft beers, this is place definitely offers variety that will make you leave you Jackson Hole accommodation.


• Mangy Moose Saloon.

A Jackson Hole institute that has caused many people to start their story with “We were in the Mangy Moose and then…” Here you can expect a lively scene, beers and music. What else could you want from your post-ski session? With great beers and good bar food, this place really is the perfect stop for many.

• The Spur.

There are many things The Spur is famous for, however the one everyone can tell is the nachos. Regularly touted as the best nachos in Jackson Hole, some people come here solely for the piled plates of tortilla chips, jalapeños, salsa and cheese, alongside other toppings. Boasting a TV view from every seat, The Spur is also the place to go for sports fans searching for somewhere to watch the big game.

• The Village Café

The Village café is locally referred to as ‘V.C.’ and offers great food and drinks. This place is considered nearly as rowdy as the Mangy Moose so may not be to everyone’s taste, but does run as late so may be your only alternative to the young people and drinking games commonly found at the Moose.


• Million Dollar Cowboy Bar.

Offering Saddle stools, country music and Western dancing, this place may not be to everyone’s taste. However, even just a short visit will become memorable due to the intensity of the Cowboy theme. There are even cowboy murals painted around the bar. Here expect classic beers and simple bar food.checkout more information at http://www.knoxnews.com/knoxville/food-and-dining/nightlife-beer-lovers-should-latch-onto-bluetick-brewery-in-blount-county_32959739

• Silver Dollar.

Located inside the Wort Hotel, this place is similarly a sight in itself. The bar is inlaid with 2,032 silver dollars, creating a great looking place. Here the food to try is the highly recommended buffalo burger that will keep you running back from your Jackson Hole accommodation.

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“What am I looking for from my after dark experience?” is what you should ask yourself. The options are endless, with the above list only scraping the surface. If you are choosing your ski destination with the après-ski and after dark entertainment in mind, then there isn’t a better place than here to make you leave you Jackson Hole accommodation and explore what is on offer.